In Review: Like Clay

“Like Clay” was brought to us by the same developer as the free horror game “Bunker 16”. It’s developer described it as “an adventure game with Horror elements that attempts to tell a dark story”…well, it does attempt to tell that story. Let’s get into the review.

You are playing as a man named Jim Stevens who is travel to Switzerland to find his friend Tom Kemer, who has gone missing after he moved into a new apartment and cease contact with everyone. Right from the get go I had to say the graphics in this game were fairly good and I love the ambient noises. Considering the fact that you were exploring the apartment, I found it really interesting that they would let you traveling to different floors and that you also have a choice between using the elevator or the stairs and that I was almost in real time.

One thing I will say, and it was one of my biggest complaints, was at the game moved fairly slow. You had to advance their different levels in order to proceed in the game, but to do so you had to read through endless amount of notes, and find endless amount of keys. While granted, the notes were world building, I felt as though they were repeating the same information over and over. It seems a little time-consuming, and a little unnecessary. One other thing I seriously disliked about the game was the fact that almost everything that hurt you and did an instant death, which was infuriating, but at least there was a check point system.

This game did have an affair or aspect to it however in that you had to find your friend who had apparently joined a cult called the Children of Sor. Some of the cult members were trying to escape and using aliases they wrote notes back-and-forth to each other trying to help everyone get out well escaping the wrath of the high priest who is trying to get them to kill themselves in the name of sore. The whole time you are the dancing through the game, you are also advancing for the different levels of the cold. You get to see exactly what your friend had gone through, while also seeing how evil this cult truly was.

The game was a long winded but I was impressed by the developers ability to use audio cues to create an atmosphere. However, I felt as though there should’ve been more. More throughout the story, less searching, and a better ending all together. I am biased though, because I love the “Bunker 16”, and this was such a difference from this game. I highly recommend checking it out regardless, although it may not have been my cup of tea I can see how people could love it.

“Like Clay” is currently available for purchase on for $7.00. I will leave a link below for anyone interested In the game. If you play it, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!
Like Clay purchase link


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