7 Days To Die: Well… it’s good!

There are 473 open-world/sandbox games on Steam that are not Minecraft as of this article’s writing. I feel I’m safe in assuming two things: first, that number will rise, and second, most of those games are shit.

7 Days to Die is not shit. It’s good.

Developed by TheFunPimps, (A.K.A. TFP), Se7en Days 2 Die is about mining, crafting, building, leveling-up, looting, zombie killing, and most importantly . . . surviving! It’s familiar enough if you’re a fan of Minecraft (and you are don’t lie to yourself) 7-DayZ-Today tosses in a unique twist with its ‘blood moon’ mechanic.


My thoughts exactly


See, every seventh evening a blood-red moon rises above your thoroughly prepared completely unprepared self. Lightning cracks across the sky (naturally), and a parade of friendly natives comes to pay tribute to your greatness [citation needed] by sprinting full-tilt and mangling themselves on your rusty metal spikes and other defenses in an inspiring effort to eat your delicious, delicious brains.

This perpetual nightmare, accentuated by the need to continually develop and maintain your defenses, while still finding time to gather loot from nearby ruined towns, grow your crops, make trips to the local trader, and gather materials is constantly driven forward by the unrelenting passage of time. The counting of days becomes a countdown to your doom, and the crushing existential horror of knowing every seven days a tide of death will wash over you . . . Just makes it pretty fun, ya’ know?


Pictured: fun


7Brides for 7Brothers takes the best elements of open-worldedness and exploration, and gives you a reason to keep playing beyond your own creative drive. You always have a reason to keep going, to build more and better defenses to face the horde as it grows in strength, size, and ferocity every week. In this way, Lucky#Slevin succeeds where many games of this genre do not.

Oh, you can also play local or online multiplayer to enjoy the game with your close friends or with a bunch of randos if you hate yourself.


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