Microsoft confirms that Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound, is no longer in development.

Scalebound an Xbox one exclusive, developed by platinum games, and published by Microsoft, has been canceled. The game was originally announced at E3 of 2014, and was expected to be released in 2016, but was then delayed to 2017, which Platinum claimed was to deliver on their ambition.

Scalebound had an exciting premise: A character reminiscent of Dante from the Devil May Cry series, who owned an equal amount of style, fights alongside a dragon in exciting battles with tons of flair. The fact that it is developed by Platinum, renowned for their ability to create high paced, fluid, over the top action games, made the all the more enticing. I was in, hook, line, and sinker, but the idea of how to execute a concept such as that was far from clear, and the later demos that Microsoft showed did little to quell those concerns. How can a smaller person fight alongside a massive dragon, without the dragon taking on a good majority of the action? How can you control the dragon in a simple, intuitive way, that is also fun to experience? How can you and the Dragon fight together in a way that feels meaningful, and isn’t repetitive. The dragon adds too many barriers that seem great on paper, but are hard to execute. Of course this is all speculation. The cancellation could be due to any number of things, but this is what makes the most sense to me.

So, while personally, it’s disappointing that Scalebound was cancelled, and if you told me this two years ago, I would have been devastated, now it makes more sense. Scalebound was likely just too ambitious. In the meantime, Nier Automata another game developed oh Platinum Games, comes out in just two months, and that game look a fantastic. If you haven’t played the demo for that, do yourself a favor and do so. That’s a title that will easily fill the Platinum sized hole in your heart.


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