There’s hope for a third installment of No More Heroes!

You may remember a small cult classic titled No More Heroes, originally released, along with its sequel on the Wii, with the original also finding a home on the PS3 eventually as well. These games are most fondly remembered for their over the top violent action, and their insanely fun, brilliantly twisted, and forever memorable boss fights that could only come from the mind of Suda 51. In fact, No More Heroes often enters my mind as a boss rush game. Those fights were just that insane. Well, if you’re one of those few that still look back fondly on this series, we have some good news! There’s hope for a third installment!


In an interview with Destructoid, Suda 51 has stated that he has an interest in creating a No More Heroes 3. He mentions that there is still a loud fan base surrounding the title, and that he’s hoping to have news on a sequel by 2018, which is the anniversary of Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind the game. He does warn however, that while he’d like for it to happen, there’s no guarantee that it will.

Regardless though, there’s hope. What do you think? Do you enjoy this series as well? What platforms would you like to see it on? Or would you prefer Suda 51 focus his mind on something new? Personally, I would shed tears of happiness if a beautiful HD No More Heroes 3 is officially announced, but maybe that is just me. Let me know!


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