The Bye Bye Man’s Release Date Moved Once Again

It would appear someone has said it or thought it again, because The Bye Bye Man has had its release date altered once again, now being set to premiere on January 13th, 2017. This is the third time the film has been pushed back: Originally set to be released on June 3, 2016,  the film was moved to open on October 14, 2016 and then December 9, 2016. The reasoning behind this second rescheduling is still unknown.

The Bye Bye Man is a Supernatural Horror film that was Directed by Stacy Title and written by Jonathon Penner that was based on a chapter out of Robert Damon Schneck’s book, The President’s Vampire, the story follows three college students that purchase an old, off campus home. After messing around with a Ouija Board one night, many strange things begin occurring, and they find themselves being haunted by a supernatural entity called The Bye Bye Man. This Entity, they find, may be responsible for possessing various people and caused them to commit serial killing sprees throughout the towns recent history.

Despite having many rescheduled released dates, Rotten Tomatoes users are still sticking to their elected 95% WANT TO SEE rating , which is far from surprising considering it is produced by Intrepid Pictures: which is responsible for producing other horror favorites such as Safe House, Oculus, and The Strangers. All we can ask now is that everyone PLEASE don’t say or think this mans name again, because we have all waited long enough.



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