Samsung Issues Massive Recall On Galaxy Note 7!

Samsung has officially put out a massive recall on their newest and baddest phone yet, The Galaxy Note 7. Samsung confirmed that they know of at least 35 cases of faulty batteries literally blowing the Note 7 up. It seems 35 is the magical number. The recall will see the return of 2.5 million Note 7’s. A ton of retailers and US carriers have already halted the sale of the Note 7 and have reached out to current plan holders who own the phone. They will be offered an alternative phone while the recall is in action.

Samsung stated that the Note 7 batteries are provided by two manufacturers and the issue is only happening on batteries provided by one of the manufacturers. Since they can’t particularly go phone to phone to check what battery is in it, the mass recall seems the best bet.

160902121639-samsung-galaxy-note-7-fire-front-780x439All we have to say is, what horrible timing. The last thing you want is your newest flagship device literally going down in a ball of fire one week before your rival announces their newest and baddest device. It seems at this rate, if the iPhone 7 doesn’t see any battery issues, Samsung has a very hard road ahead of them in the battle of the 7’s.

Your phone blowing up might make you wanna switch device families. Just saying.


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